heads (girls)

sxcamyehstylestarlightvampgirl2013GCH- Black Kitty Pink End Ext.GCH- Black Kitty Green End Extension2v1-prpledit2v1-blueditfail-editpinkyGCH- Purple Kitty Head with Bow and Bluebigpinkhaireditoh5greenoh5purpoh5isblondebrowncutiewpurplebangsbrowncutiewpinkbangsoh4isfineeshedgraaloscars
goodbyesophandlucy211quickeyeedit2katty1-blueipinkiesredd9974882_origbuneditsome-head;3__9629025_origheadbylucync2b029redhead13head23head71fringered13362180502_orig70102181bwkaysbeautifulhead19blue9037943_origGCH- Cat Head Black and White611485_origpretty-head-11purpeleebluelonghairblue-ponytails2blondeshaggyhairl6380909040-079402redbowhead2pinklonghaircutiehead2-fixed1234951735ppppinkpink-hair19052673_orignewblue-ponytails2xyzblack-hair-messy3531717_origlucy'sddamyehblackfor2kphoto 2pinklonghairtothesideGCH- Brown Currly HeadGCH- Black Hair w Blue Edgeblonde-messy-hair-2jiquickie-edit-blue_eyesGCH- Red w Black HighLights Extension HeadGCH- Black w Blue Highlight Extension headGCH- Purple Bow with Black Hair.. Two sidesGraal Custom Head Black Vampblonde_green-eye-edit_makeupshort-blondephoto-82gch-black-hair-w-messed-edge1GCH- Pink Bandana headponyt_no-nameGCH- Black Bandana Head

recolorgch-green-w-blue-highlights-extension-headimage121cat-black_forbodGCH- Black Curly Hair With Two BowsGCH- Blonde W Black Ribbonsgch-blonde-w-pink-ribbonsgch-blonde-w-black-ribbon_pink-stripehalf_pigtail-blondeblackhair-spring-curls_editbbyblondec2blonde-bangs_editblue-pigtailsedit_blueelegantcurlsandpoof-editew ugly editlousy-PIGTAILSuckcurly-ponies-original-edit_byamyeh!big-hair-curled-editlong-hair-4head42-editnew-pink_editnew-pink_edit2new-purple_edit3gifawesmazingpinkettenoirettebeigetteblondettebrunetteTayTayBluetaytaygreenTayTayPinkyTayTayPurpleTayTayRedawesomeedit234231432321awesomeedit2342314323213QuickEyeEditANGRYnew-purple_edit3bored1goodbyesophandlucy2013phead

some female heads would not transport to this page. very sorry :C If they have a colored background then please press Set Transparency If they have a white background then DONT Set Transparency 


16 thoughts on “heads (girls)

  1. Um, can you fix the transparency on one of the red heads at the top? Specifically, the head that’s one head to the right of the red head with cat ears. It’s the one with the straight, red hair and blue eyes. (Not the one with the hair to the side.)

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